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Dr. Melanie Waite


Dr. Melanie Waite was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. As a young girl, Dr. Waite learned the value of teamwork through a loving family, sports and music. Along with her natural curiosity, compassion and sensitivity to the physical needs of others, she was quickly drawn to the world of Medicine. She began her studies at the University of Ottawa, where she completed a Bachelor of Sciences with a Specialization in Biomedical Sciences and a minor in Criminology in 2007 as well as a Bachelor of Sciences with a Specialization in Biopharmaceutical Sciences in 2008.


She attended Medical school and received a “Doctorate in Medicine” from the University of Ottawa in 2012. In seeking to experience the Health community in a different setting, Dr. Waite moved to Toronto and undertook a residency program in Family Medicine at Toronto University. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre employed Dr. Waite as a General Practitioner in Oncology. She continued to practice in this position from 2014-2016, before moving back to the Ottawa region and joining the dedicated and professional group of physicians at the St.-Lawrence Medical Clinic in 2016. Along with her practice at the Clinic, she is practicing at the Winchester District Memorial Hospital and presiding over the health care of the residents at the Woodland Villa Long Term Care Facility in Long Sault.

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