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The St. Lawrence Medical Clinic comprises a group of Family Physicians working from 2 offices in the Eastern Ontario communities of Morrisburg and Ingleside.
The Physicians provide comprehensive care including inpatient care at Winchester and District Memorial Hospital.


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Appointments will be time limited and are for URGENT CONCERNS only.

Urgent Concerns are those that you are unable to wait to see your family physician: for example cough, flu, sore throat, sprain etc.

Appointments are subject to availability.


To book a same day appointment with the After Hours Clinic, please contact the St. Lawrence Medical Clinic office:

Between the hours of 8am-4pm at 613-543-2963 or 613-537-2044

Between the hours of 5:00pm-7:30pm at 613-543-4490


No prescription renewals will be completed for controlled substances such as narcotics.


Patients attending the After Hours Clinic must be regular patients of:
Dr. Melanie Waite, Dr. Marilyn Crabtree, Dr. Jennifer Ingram-Crooks, Dr. Geoff Peters, Dr. Elvira Halili, Dr. Heather McIntyre, Dr. Elizabeth Rivington, Dr. Meaghan Brown or Dr. Michael Bensimon.


In order to provide quality health care services through the After Hours Clinic, the St. Lawrence Medical Clinic will strictly enforce a fee of $50.00 for missed or for late arrival of greater than 10 minutes. Late arrivals may also be required to re-schedule for another day based on availability and the late fee will apply.


Upon booking your same day appointment, this policy takes place immediately.


Invoices will be issued by the office of the St. Lawrence Medical Clinic. Payment will be received by cash or debit at the St. Lawrence Medical Clinic office and must be paid prior to your next appointment. Charges cannot be waived by any physician, or any staff member.


In case of emergency, please visit the nearest emergency room.    

our pOlicies:


Telephone Calls/Messages

Phone messages are dealt with in the order they are received. Therefore please anticipate a delay of 24 to 48 business hours for a return call. This may be longer is your doctor is away.

Appointment Times and Wait Times

Regular appointment slots are booked at 10-15 minute intervals, depending on the doctor.  As you are aware we do not subscribe to a “one problem per visit policy” therefore it is not uncommon for your physician to run behind schedule. When booking your appointment, if you feel you might need extra time please let the receptionist know as this might help in reducing wait times. 


Please give all your forms to our receptionists. Most forms have fees set out by the OMA. Please be advised that as per the OMA and CPSO guidelines, we have up to 60 days to complete forms.

Prescription Renewals

When we receive a fax request for your medications from your pharmacy we will renew your medications within 48 business hours of receiving this. Note that it is your responsibility to notify the pharmacy when a refill is required.

Prescription Renewals for Controlled Substances (Narcotics, Sleeping Medication, etc.):

All patients on narcotics will have to provide a urine sample for drug testing at intervals determined by your doctor and CPSO guidelines. All renewals of controlled substances will be done with appointments only. We will not fax these to your pharmacy without an appointment. Please bring all your medications to your appointments.

Staff Safety

We have zero tolerance for any abusive or disrespectful behaviour towards our staff or ourselves. We expect staff to communicate any and all inappropriate behaviour to us and the consequence of such behaviour may be termination of the patient-doctor relationship.

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